Call it a tear sheet, performance sheet, face sheet or one-pager, Summit can prepare and verify your performance history and metrics under GIPS Standards.  This area is by far the most important aspect for any trader starting out.

We provide monthly, quarterly and annual performance sheets to any type of trader who is looking to establish themselves in the industry.  Our firm utilizes an innovative software to calculate your performance and compare it to any benchmark needed.  Any ratio can be added to the sheet including such as Sharpe, Sortino, Skewness and Kurtosis.

Highlighted areas of service:

  • Preparation and Design of Performance Sheet
  • Historical and Pro-forma Data Inclusion
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Updates
  • Examination, Verification and Review in accordance with GIPS or the CFTC

Other Services

Summit LLC partners with several other experts in the hedge fund industry to provide third-party independent services relating to:

  • Partnership Agreement drafting
  • Preparation of offering documents
  • Advisory legal counsel
  • Fund administration