Services from the Start

We offer services to you the moment you decide to start your company that allow you to launch your entities immediately while still being cost-effective.

We work collaboratively with our Partners and other Service Providers to determine your individual needs and the path to be successful.  The  formation process is streamlined to create a structure to compliment your trading and most likely to attract the types of investors you want to target.  We then provide audit and tax services in-house with our experienced professionals.

  • Hedge Funds
  • Commodity and Forex Pools
  • Fund of Funds and Master Feeder Funds
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Real Estate Funds and Trusts
  • Multi-Series and Class Trusts and LLC’s

How it works

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation with us, we will discuss your strategy, who you want to target, regulatory and compliance requirements, and the initial and ongoing costs associated with running the fund and management company.

Action Item 1. Tear Sheet Preparation and Verification

We will provide individual traders with a tear sheet of their performance since inception.  A lot of Funds skip this stage and move directly to forming a incubator fund.  Track records are still important and Summit will provide a tear that can be verified by our PCAOB registered public accounting firm.

  • Clear, dynamically-generated performance tables
  • Dynamically-charted VAMI data
  • Various benchmarks available
  • Dynamically-charted list of sectors
  • Customized to your corporate branding standards
  • Select just the data and analytics you want to show
  • Option to have data verified under agreed upon procedures or GIPS

Action Item 2. Structuring the Fund and Preparation of Fund Documents

Once the manager decides to mover forward with designing a fund, your assigned attorney will advise regarding the core considerations involved in establishing a fund and consult with you to structure the fund in manner best suited to meet your objectives. For the detailed process, please visit FUND FORMATION.  Summit and the attorney will present contacts in the hedge fund industry and can introduce the manager to service providers suited to their unique needs.

Action Item 3. Compliance with IRS, federal, state and other regulatory securities and filing laws

Form D is a filing with the SEC that provides notice of an exempt securities offering providing detailed information regarding the offering, the Fund, use of proceeds, types of investors and placement agents used. Form D is not subject to review or approval by the SEC but must be filed within 15 days of the first sale of interests to investors in the offering.

Along with the Form D notice filing at the federal level, each state requires that notice be provided to its securities regulatory authority when an exempt offering is made to a resident of the state. The timing and content of the notice and fee payable to the state differ between jurisdictions.

Most states and agencies require a fund to receive an audit in the new regulatory age.  Investors also deserve an audit.  It provides clarity and assurance for the investors as well as a excellent marketing highlight.  For a detailed explanation, see AUDITS or contact us.

Tax return preparation is the final process in the yearly fund procedures.  Once the audit has been completed and all accounts have been attested, Summit LLC will prepare the tax return.  Funds and Pools are unique in many ways and require an expert to navigate the changes as well as the existing complexity of the rules.  At the final stages, we will provide the Fund with the completed return that will include electronic copies of Schedule K-1 for distribution to partners.