Why choose us?

A solid plan, prepared in collaboration with members of your organization, will provide the best result. We will open communication immediately to establish relationships, clear lines of communication, and timetables for efficient execution of your goals with minimal disruption to your business.

We still believe in advising our clients. Our approach involves gaining in-depth knowledge of your operations, business processes, key audit factors and risks. We then focus on gaining an understanding of management’s objectives and reviewing the impact of economic and industry conditions on your business.

From tax planning to specific SEC guidelines, Summit’s talented employees have the experience, background and knowledge to service our clients’ sophisticated businesses. All of our staff has a MINIMUM of five years of experience. This greatly increases the effectiveness of any engagement since the first level of staff is already trained and experienced. This sets us apart from any other public accounting firm in the industry.

We service broker-dealers, hedge funds, commodity pools, private equity funds, mutual funds and other investment companies by providing audit, tax and consulting. In addition, we also have experience in helping service providers, manufacturers and software companies with their audit, accounting and tax needs.

• In-depth Knowledge of Financial Services and Other Industries
• Partners with a Minimum of Ten Years of Public Accounting and Active CPA Licenses
• Staff with a Minimum of Five Years of Experience
• Constant and Direct Communication with Regulatory Bodies and Expert Panels


More about us

Who we are

Summit LLC was formed after seeing a need for better client service at an affordable rate. Our Partners were former national and “Big 4” accountants whose experience goes well beyond accounting, auditing and tax services.  Our goal is to use our knowledge and experience gained from top-tier organizations as well as direct industry experience to provide a personalized and affordable service.  Summit’s partners, managers and staff have been providing accounting and audit services to securities industry for numerous years, providing value-added services to the the financial services arena as well as several other industries.

Summit LLC is registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, AICPA, COCPA, AICPA National Peer Review Program and several state accountancy boards, each providing added oversight and involvement with Summit and its operations.  We proudly acknowledge Summit’s adherence to the rules and regulations of these federal and state regulatory bodies.  Our Partners are registered as Certified Public Accountants with several state accountancy boards and CPA societies.

What we do

Summit LLC is a public accounting firm servicing companies throughout the United States. As a trusted professional service provider to our clients, Summit provides audit, tax, administration and consulting to clients across a wide spectrum, including the financial services arena.  We work with a national base of clients ranging from start-ups to well-established funds and companies.

Why we do it

We are driven to be the best at everything we do.  From tax planning to specific SEC guidelines, Summit LLC’s talented employees have the experience, background and knowledge to service our client’s sophisticated businesses.  In order to provide this level of service, we must thoroughly understand the complexities of the industry and our clients.  Not only are we interested in assisting our clients in their main areas of need, we want to establish a long-standing relationship which benefits the client in every way possible.


Firm Began Operations 2010
Years of Experience of Partners and Directors Over 40
Hedge Funds, Private Equity and Mutual Funds Serviced Over 200
Broker-Dealers and Registered Investment Advisors Serviced Over 40
Commodity Pools and NFA Registered Funds Serviced Over 50
Combined Clients Serviced Over 300